+I +B+C+, Inc. is an interdenominational sanctioning body devoted to training and choosing worthy individuals to the episcopacy. The aim is to identify and unify fellow laborers whose Christian core values and beliefs are consistent with the persuasion of +I+B+C+, Inc. without regard to denomination (certain exemptions may apply). Any person considered for elevation by +I+B+C+, Inc. must have a work (be it foreign or domestic) significant enough to show proof of their ministry and inspired leadership.





● To assemble a community of Bishops with like minds and hearts working to educate, encourage, edify and empower them for the ongoing challenges that the church faces.
● To address controversial issues and questions of faith and related ethical behaviors.
● To make formal statements on faith and basic principles in the name of +I+B+C+, Inc.
● To offer recommendations and counsel to pastors and laity in order to foster church harmony.

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